The City

The is a website that I have created for a class project, which is a magazine that focuses on the city of BaltimoreĀ 



I must become inspired againĀ 


I’m going to start a book series where I put artist books that I create into digital form. Something I just started and kind of thought about. And plus I needed to do something over the summer I can’t just not be creative you know.

Also, I will refine artwork I have done within over the last couple of years. I want to have a portfolio to display how I have grown as an artist and where I can go as an artist


What do I do when I can’t find it? What do I do when I imagine greatness but can never achieve it? Where do I go? How do I achieve what I have never had before? They say that only by doing something you have never done before you can finally achieve goals you have only dreamed of. If that’s the case then I shall do what I have never done before, I have to or I’ll just running around in circles right? As I am now

The cookout

A time in a community where nothing matters but good food, music, drinks if you want and just friends that can make you laugh, we need things of this nature in a world so stressful and wild, is actually need to pray more on the aspects of life asking God just to protect me.

I can tell you this there has to be a balance of positive work and laughter because laughter is great for the soul